Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have discovered what makes my mom sleepy in the mornings. Webitus. That means my mom spends nights on the computer during sleep time. I think I've got it to, because this is my third post today. Webitus is what made my dad quit blogging. He just couldn't get to sleep. more on this later!

Dad's Blog

I just peeked at my dad's blog and found stuff that interested me. BUT he never mentioned these EVEN though he knows the stuff is philosophy, and I'm a philosopher.
Are parents out to ruin my life?

An interveiw turned up the fact that I was "smaller" and he is pleading innocence. In other words, i just lost a "lawsuit". Bye!

Is Yogurt Vegitarian

Depends. Why you ask? Because of the bacteria. Not disease bacteria, but cooking bacteria that is responsible for yogurt. Yogurt would just be regular old milk if it hadn't digested it. But when we eat yogurt that friendly bacteria is swallowed, digested, and killed. Even though bacteria ts not officially an animal, it is not a plant-type, but an animal-type bacteria. (My classifications.) So even if you aren't vegan, STAY AWAY FROM YOGURT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!