Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Project

I have an idea for a trading card game. The theme will be mythology, with god, beast, mortal, and fate cards. The first three are almost the same, with health and attacks, except die rolling for mortal attack, and gods will have minions ( things that do a little extra damage every turn). Fate cards will buff, debuff, add damage, add healing, etc. I think I should add subcategories. I know enough abuot Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythologies. Comment with myths, ideas for subcategories, and any ideas. More to come.


Brent said...

At the level of your description it sounds like many other trading card games, so perhaps one way to think about the project would be to compare it to Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon games and find out where you think those games have weaknesses and how your game might improve on them.

Another approach is by successive approximations: Most games have extensive playability tests, so you might want to to just clone the rules of another game, invent some new cards and powers and play a few test games. Then use the feelings you have from playing the test games to modify the rules so that you like your game better. Then repeat with the new rule set.

Lene said...

Hi Iris.

I have always been quite interested in mythology and similar deeply rooted oral traditions.

Have you considered the Welsh/Celtic mythology? LLew Llaw Gyffes is a very interesting character. You also have the possibility of branching out into Irish lore.

Lloyd Alexander has written a series of children's books that attempt to deal with some of the myths.

Unfortunately I am WAAY too old to have played those cardgames, so I cannot help you with rules and so on.

Good luck on your project

Lene (From Denmark)