Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So far, no one has commented on my last post. I need some ideas from my fans to start this project. I will get my mom to link to the post, but I NEED YOU. So comment with ideas please.


Marie-Christine said...

Hey Iris, I toodled over from your mom's sewing blog, and I think she is right about this one, there isn't really enough here for us to comment on.

There are 2 possibilities: the most likely one is that you haven't done much work on it yet and you're hoping the public comes up with something. Don't squirm too much, you know there are lots of people operating that way now, who hope the net means people to do all their work for them and they can just take all the credit later. I'm sure you have a few of those in your own school, no? So if you don't want to be mistaken for them, you have to show your work process a lot more. And I say that as the kid whose teachers always said 'good idea but should be developed more' :-)..

But more to the point here I think the problem is that you've done a lot of thinking, but you haven't really shown us what about. Your write-up is very terse, and I for one am having a hard time imagining what you mean. It's fairly easy to comment on something you see, but being asked for comments on something without seeing anything is being asked to redo all the work yourself, from scratch. Few people will be willing to do that, and fewer still will be able to. Most people need a very concrete example, with pictures and everything, to be able to visualize new things. And sadly, some of us too grown-ups aren't as familiar with games as you are, so we need a little general refresher.

So may I suggest some sort of prototype presentation? You don't have to lay it -all- out for us, but if you give us an example of what you mean, fully worked out to the point where it's about how you want it, then it'll stimulate comment much more. I'm sure there are some things you are very attached to in this project, and it'll allow you to see how people react to those specifically. And also, it'll be helpful in letting you figure out how people really work on big projects, in small increments. Learning to break it down is the most helpful part, because you're right it's good to get comments early so that you can change directions if wanted or needed without too much cost in time and energy.

Anyway, good luck, and I'll be expecting to see more of your good work soon :-).

Jomama said...

Good luck taking this further. My sons (and frankly my husband and friends, too) are huge trading card game fans. Pokemon and Magic are the current favorites, though Yugi-oh has has its day. I like the Gods theme, and you could possible capitalize on the popularity of the Percy Jackson series. Not the unique characters of course, that would be trademarked and all. But this book series has made many potential player more familiar with Greek mythology than they would have been otherwise.

Good luck to you, and let us know when you need play testers.