Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I've looked at the comments, and realized I haven't made myself clear. For beast cards, you have a simple layout with health and attack. God cards exist for turns instead of dying from attack, and will do extra damage each turn with minions. Mortal cards are like beasts, but have 6 different attack values that will be chosen from by dice. Each mortal attack is 10 points above the previous one. Fate cards will effect either your or your opponent's team, with varying effects. Examples: Beast- Minotaur-70 attack-130 health, God-Zeus-80 attack- 4 turns-Io minion for 30 extra damage, Mortal-Perceus-30 to 90 attack-120 health, Fate-Cronos' Scythe-use effects of last discarded fate card. Other rules I have come up with are: 1. 5 attacking cards and 3 fate cards are allowed per team. 2. Fate cards can be discarded any time during your turn. 3. You can only use 3 attacks per turn.

Asta la vista for now!

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